Why You Might Get Your Period Earlier Than Usual


Girls usually begin menstruation somewhere between the ages of 10 and 16. Because of their changing hormone levels these young girls may experience irregular periods. Some months periods will come early and other months periods are later. It takes about three years, possibly more, before the hormone levels become stable and menstrual periods become more regular.

As a woman gets beyond her teen years and into the child bearing years her monthly period is usually on a regular schedule. Most women are on a 28 day menstrual cycle, but this monthly cycle number of days can vary with different women.

When a woman ages and comes close to menopause her monthly period can become irregular again. At times it may come early and at other times it may be late.

Some reasons why periods are early for women who have been on a normal regular cycle may include the use of birth control pills or IUDs. You may experience an early period if you miss 1 or more pills during the monthly cycle. If you take the morning after pill you may experience an earlier period the next month.



Another reason you may experience what you think is an early period may actually be implantation bleeding instead. If you become pregnant after your last period then when the embryo implants into our uterus it may cause some bleeding. An implantation bleeding will produce less blood then you experience with a regular period.

There are some psychological reasons for experiencing early menstrual periods. If you are working too hard or working extremely long hours you may trigger an early period. If you are extremely fatigued you may experience some irregularities with your menstrual cycle. Experiencing various other types of emotional stress can also cause an early period.

If you experience a problem in your hormone levels this can cause irregular periods. Your cycle may come early or it may be late. Having an extreme weight gain or loss will affect your hormone levels and this may contribute to an early period.

If you suffer from a condition known as polycystic ovarium syndrome you release an excess of a particular hormone. This imbalance may cause heavier bleeding and early periods as well as weight gain.

Certain medications such as blood thinners or certain disease like a thyroid problem may cause an early menstrual period.

If you periods have been on a regular schedule and then become irregular for several months it is wise to consult your health care professional. You should also consult your medical professional if you are experiencing excessive bleeding or severe pain.