Why You Should Buy A Portable Playpen

playpenAfter your baby is a few months old he or she will begin to crawl and cruise around.  In order to keep baby safe and contained while the parent does something else like housework or cooking a portable playpen answers this need.  Portable playpens can also act as a place for baby to sleep especially if you are visiting away from home.  Even if you are staying at a hotel you may want to take your portable playpen with you since you have no idea what type crib a hotel may provide.

Using a removable crib sheet on your portable playpen will make messes easier to clean up.

Some people refer to all portable playpens as a pack and play which actually is the name of the Greco portable playpen.  Portable playpens have four netted sides and a cushioned floor.  They fold into a rectangular package which is easy to carry.  Setting up the portable playpen is pretty simple. Being able to take them anywhere you go and setting them up in just a few minutes is why these portable playpens are so popular.

You need to be sure the latches holding the sides of the portable playpen are sturdy.  Unsafe latches are probably to most common safety problem.   You also want to be sure the top rail is able to support the weight of a child who pulls himself up.  The mesh should be sturdy enough so the child cannot chew it apart.

Portable playpens come in different sizes so you want to choose one that will handle a growing child if you only plan to purchase a single playpen.

Higher end playpens can be purchased with bassinets, changing tables, soothing vibrations, music, nightlights, etc.  Some portable playpens have a push button folding system and an extra safety latch.

You can sometimes find the portable playpens on sale at super centers, baby stores, on line, department stores, etc.  .  If  a new portable playpen does not fit into your budget you may find a used portable playpen at a gently used child’s furniture consignment shop.  You can check for any recalls by consulting the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.

It’s helpful to check with friends who have young children and get their opinion of the portable playpen they use.  You also may want to check product reviews for the various portable playpens before making your purchase.