Workout Shoes

2Wearing the right pair of shoes is probably the most important item for a successful workout.  You do not want to just put on any old pair of tennis shoes, nor do you want to choose a pair of  sneakers just because you like the color or  the style. Wearing  improper shoes while you workout may lead to problems such as shin splints, stress fractures, heel spurs or tendonitis.

There are shoes on the market today that advertise they will tone you or make you lose weight.  These claims have not been proven.  In fact, if  you can’t stand easily in a tennis shoe you sure can’t exercise in them.

Its important to wear shoes designed for running if you are a runner or shoes designed for sports or group exercises or even shoes designed for walking.  Running shoes are made with support and stability for forward movement and should have more cushioning in the front.    They do not have the lateral support needed for other exercise. For walking you want a shoe to support the heel since walkers strike the heel heavier than runners.  Cross trainers may or may not work for any type exercise.

When buying shoes you should try them on in the afternoon or evening wearing the type socks you will use during your workout.  Make sure you tie your shoelaces securely, but not too tight.  Shoes made of leather offer more firm support and the they are durable.  For a cooler shoe something lighter like mesh may suit you.   You want a shoe with support that has some rigidity to stand up to different types of movement.  You also want the shoe sole to be able to absorb shock, to be comfortable and to have arch support.

The salesperson should be knowledgeable about the type of shoe that will be best for the exercise routine you follow.  He should be able to suggest the proper type shoe for you.

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