Write An e-Book

Writing an e-book and selling copies online is an easy low-cost way to publish your words.

If you are someone who has written articles you already have the skills needed to write a book or an e-book.  Writing each chapter of a non-fiction e-book is the same as writing a long article.

First you need to come up with an idea for your e-book.  Then you need to develop those ideas into an e-book.

An e-book is perfect for publishing books that are too short to be worth printing on paper.

After you have the basic idea for your e-book you can expand on that idea.  Write down ideas that pertain to various aspects you want to set forth in your e-book.  When you have developed enough ideas for your e-book you can start putting the word structure together.

Some people find it easier to start at the beginning and write through to the end of their e-book.  Others find it easier to tackle various sections and then combine the various sections in logical order into an e-book.  Whatever method is best for you is fine.

When you are writing articles you want them to be concise.  When you are writing an e-book you want to expand on each topic.  Take your time and explore each point fully.

Writing any book, even a short book, takes time.  Determine how many words you are going to write each day and then stay at your computer until you have written that number of words.  If you write something down, even when you feel stuck, your words will start flowing again before you know it.

When you write an e-book.  You have no shipping costs.  You have no inventory to stock.  The start-up costs are low and the delivery process can be automated.

You may find it helps to first write your table of contents.  You should take your time and put a lot of thought into it.  You want your chapter titles to follow a logical progression and to be interesting.  You may find it easier if you use your table of contents as an outline to develop your book.  Others prefer to write their e-book first and then determine a title and a table of contents.  If it works best for you to simply sit down and write, then by all means use this method.

When you are writing an article you strive to be as concise as possible.  When you are writing an e-book you do not want to strive to make you point as concisely as possible.  Instead, you want to expand on each topic.  Explore each point completely.  Take your time when you are writing your e-book.

As the writing of your e-book progresses you will come up with some new ideas and some of your original ideas will not seem quite right anymore.  This is fine.  Just delete those chapters you no longer feel are right and substitute new chapters that you feel are better.  Be sure to keep your table of contents accurate.

Once you have completed your e-book sit down and review the book and rewrite any sections that need it.  Take your time editing your e-book.  Be sure your spelling is correct.  If you find a section where you are rambling rewrite it and eliminate the unnecessary material.

Give your friends and family copies of your e-book so they can give feedback.

Decide what e-book publisher you want to use for your e-book.  Many writers use the Kindle Marketplace at Amazon to market their e-book.