You Can Achieve Your Flying Dream

Many people have a desire to fly an airplane.  Some think that in order to pilot a plane you need to be in the service or learn to be a commercial pilot.  Not true.  Every year thousands of people embark on the path to obtaining a license to pilot a plane and most of these people get their license.

If learning to fly is something you desire then your first step may be to visit a small local airport in your area.  There you can meet and talk with people who are true flying enthusiasts.  The mechanics and other airline industry people should be able to give you information about locating a flying instructor.

The small local airports are often the home for flight schools.  Flight schools are always looking for customers.  You may even be lucky enough to find an instructor who has a little free time to give you a tour and help you get a basic understanding of the process you will need to go through in order to get your pilot’s license.  Usually, the instructor will take you up on a demo flight.  During this flight the instructor will be doing the actual flying, but you will be able to sit in the pilot’s seat so you can feel what it is like.  These planes are designed so the instructor can control the plane from his seat and you too can hold the controls and put your feet on the pedals while the instructor is controlling everything.  However, you will feel like you are flying that plane.    Often this demo flight will take the prospective student from someone who is thinking about learning to fly to someone who feels flying is something he is meant to do.

Once you have made the determination that you want to learn to fly and you have chosen a mentor it is time to go forward with your planning.  Many flight schools have the flexibility to design a program around what you want to do with your pilot’s license.  There are several levels of pilot’s certification so you don’t necessarily need to aim for the highest and most expensive license.  If you only want to be able to fly short flights for fun to go visit friends or attend sporting events then a recreational license is a perfect fit for you and the flight school should be able to get you there efficiently.

Learning to fly will not be cheap.  You are learning from training specialists so you need to pay for their time.  In addition the flight school provides the airplane, gas, insurance and supplies which allows you to go up on training flights, You should plan on flying several times per week when you are training for your license.  In addition, plan to spend time taking classroom lessons several times a week.

If you make the investment in money and the time to get the work done, at the end of the curriculum you will be ready to test for your pilot’s license.  After you have put in sufficient hours in the air and you have solid knowledge of what is required to be a pilot if will be time to take your flight test for your pilot’s license.  Once you have passed your test and received your pilot’s license you will have every reason to be proud of what you have achieved.  You are now a pilot authorized to fly your own plane.