You Can Write Articles

If you don’t think you can write articles, then you are mistaken.  When you do not think of yourself as a writer, and try to write articles and then post them on the web it can be intimidating at first.  Keep in mind that in your area of expertise you have a lot of knowledge that will be helpful to others.  Now is the time to start composing some articles so you can share your knowledge with others.

Here are a few tips to help you get started writing your articles.

Once you have determined what your article is to be about it is time to sit down and make a list.  Jot down 4 or 5 reasons why something should be done or maybe 10 tips on how to accomplish something.  For example, you might focus on reasons to include daily exercise in your lifestyle.  Or, you might focus on some tips for losing weight.

Next write a paragraph expanding on each reason or tip and explaining them to the reader.  At the beginning of your article add an introduction to the topic and complete your article with a suggestion that the reader start following your suggestions right away.

If you are not comfortable writing out your thoughts, you might be more comfortable recording your ideas.  Pretend you are talking with a friend about a particular service or product  and the benefits of using this product or service.  Simply talk until you have covered everything you want to say.  Then listen to your recording, edit it and then transcribe your recording to a written article.

If you are writing an article you might want to use an outline first to gather your ideas together.  Sit down and write out an outline before you start writing your actual article on the computer.  Make a list of the major things you want to cover in your article, decide on a title and list a basic idea for your introduction and then determine how you want to close the article.  Then sit down at the computer and use your outline as a guide for writing your article.

You can get great articles from interviewing someone.  If you can find an expert on the subject you want for your article, and they are willing to be interviewed, you can either talk with them in person (record the meeting so your recollection is accurate) or they might email answers to questions you send them.  When you write your article begin with information about the person you interviewed.  At the conclusion of your article summarize the interview and point out any major point the expert made.

After you write an article you can post it to your website, on your blog or in your newsletter.  You can also submit your articles to article directories.  If you include a resource box with a link to your website, you can pick up some free traffic when someone picks up your article from the directory and adds your article to their site or newsletter.