Your Thoughts Can Become Reality

Either consciously or subconsciously we are always thinking about something.  Our thoughts from the past are responsible for where we are today.

Unfortunately, most people think about things they do not want more than about things they want.  Whether it is something you want or don’t want you will get what you think about the most.

Your predominant state of mind from the past is the reason for your present situation.  Now your predominant state of mind is creating your future.

Observe your thoughts for a few days.  Do you mostly worry about and think about things you are afraid of or do not want to happen?  Or do you think mostly of happy, wonderful, pleasant things?  Do you see the world around as a glass half empty or do you see it as a glass half full?

You are energy and energy is like a magnet.  This applies to your mind and your body.  You know you can control your body, you can also control your mind.

You cannot change the past.  It is gone.  If you are still dwelling on an unhappy past and you are not feeling happy now, then you are creating an unhappy future.  It is time to let go of those unhappy thoughts from the past.

You want to have a predominately positive happy state of mind.  You are creating your future and now only the present is important.  This theory is known as the Law of Attraction. When you follow the Law of Attraction you can attract whatever you want your life.  You can attract things like wealth, health, love, happiness and successful relationships.  Unfortunately, you can also subconsciously attract things you do not want.

When you let your mind wander and dwell on negative feelings and thoughts it can be your worst enemy because it is creating a negative future.  If you take control of your mind and dwell on happy positive thoughts it can be your best friend and help you to create the future your desire.

Every life is going to experience some ups and some downs.  Everyone has a mixture of happiness and unhappiness because of changes in their state of mind.  Following the Law of Attraction will have you start creating a happy future you achieve your goals.  To be successful you need to find a way to dwell on the pleasant thoughts and not the negative ones.  The Law of Attraction has been known for many years.  Many successful people like Plato, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Carnegie, Newton and Einstein knew the law of attraction and followed this practice during their lives.  For a long time the law of attraction was not known to the general population, but this has changed.  More and more people are learning about the law of attraction and following the plan.

If you are interested in learning more about the law of attraction there is a wide array of information available for you to study.